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1. A complete and correctly filled out Google Business Profile for a legal firm is 7-10 times more likely to get clicks.

2. Reviews in your Google Business Profile are viewed as “social proof.” They provide 72% more validity for lawyers, journalists, and used car dealers because they can help offset the negative connotations often associated with these industries.

3. Sharing photos of a team demonstrates trust, camaraderie, sportsmanship, strength, unity, and success. Legal “teams” are 79% more trustworthy with clients than an individual lawyer. Post a photo of your team on your GBP for greater trust, branding, and credibility.

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The Future of Google Search: Optimizing GBP for Google’s Search Generative Experience

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) uses artificial intelligence to deliver search results to users in a comprehensive “snapshot” at the top of the page. This snapshot includes an excerpt with key information, photos, reviews, and suggested searches. 

SGE compiles its snapshot based on information gathered from GBP and websites. That is why it’s crucial to optimize your GBP page with SGE in mind. This ensures potential customers are seeing relevant information about your business.

At 714Web, we stay on top of the latest Google algorithm changes, so you don’t have to. We take a comprehensive approach to optimizing your law firm’s GBP page for SGE. With us, your business stays relevant and continues to rank high as Google Search changes.

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Advanced Google Business Profile Concepts Explained

Add Keywords to Your GBP

Keywords (terms your customers search for) are important on your website and GBP. Google will recognize keywords you integrate into your profile and rank your page accordingly. To rank well and be visible to clients, you must understand the audience. Once you know your audience, you can perform keyword research on what they are actively searching for the most.

Why You Need Questions and Answers

Adding questions and answers (Q&A) to your GBP gives users quick answers to common questions. This can ease their fears or provide valuable information. It also builds trust and helps visitors make quick decisions in your favor. Our team leverages the Q&A section to showcase your law firm’s ability to represent prospective clients.

Make Google Posts

To show Google that you are an active and reliable business, you can utilize your GBP like a commercial social media platform. Your posts can provide essential information about your firm and, when paired with a click-to-call link, can lead to increased client inquiries.


Does my GBP impact my page ranking?

According to Google help docs, your GBP rank is partly based on your “Branded Website.” This is Google’s terminology, but it means that having SEO work done to your website will help increase your GBP rank as well. A higher GBP rank gets more user views. This leads to more engagement, more clicks, and higher ranking for your website in the organic search results.

Does my GBP get me more customers?

More than 97% of customers start their purchasing journey ONLINE. This generally means Google. In most cases, any search for a local business will result in the “map pack” displayed on the page. This is companied by the Google business profiles of the top 3-4 ranked profiles. If you sell a product or service such as real estate, your business profile will display next to a map when a user searches for terms like “Best Realtor Near Me” or “Realty Company in Maryville TN.”

Can I control the info on my GBP?

Once you’ve claimed ownership of your Google Business profile, you can edit it as necessary. However, getting verified as the owner can be difficult. Our team has a GBP “manager” interface, and we will get you verified, make changes, post, ask questions, and perform a full free audit.

What does “Getting Started” Look Like?

Most business owners fall into one of these three categories:

  • I can’t access my GBP.
  • I have multiple GBPs, and I can’t control them.
  • I’ve never had a GBP before.

We know exactly how to proceed in each of these situations. Our team has seen and done it all, and no circumstance is too difficult (even the tricky verification process).

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